Cape Verde Ferry Timetable 

Between the Cape Verde Islands

Changes are possible! 



Boa Vista

The ‘Barlovento’ cargo ship travels to Boa Vista on Saturdays from Palmeira (Sal island), returning on Sundays.


São Nicolau 

You can get to São Nicolau by the Tarrafal, an overnight weekly ferry service from Praia (Santiago island). It continues to Mindelo (Sao Vicente island).


The Ferry ‘Tarrafal’ from Praia (Santiago island) to São Nicolau goes on Fri 20:00 and returns Thu 20:00.


Sao Vicente

Overnight ferry from Praia (Santiago island). 

Ferry ‘Tarrafal’ departs from Praia (Santiago island) on Tuesday nights, returning Monday mornings.


Santa Antão 

This can only be reached by ferry as the airport is closed. There are good twice-daily ferries from Mindelo (Sao Vicente island).


For example:


Ferry ‘Armas’ from Mindelo (São Vicente island) to Porto Novo (Santo Antão island) 08:00 and 15:00. 

Fare €7 one-way.


Ferry ‘Armas’ from Porto Novo (Santo Antão island) to Mindelo (São Vicente island) 10:00 and 17:00.

Fare €7 one-way.


Ferry ‘Tuninha’ from Mindelo (São Vicente island) to Porto Novo (Santo Antão island) 07:00 and 16:30

Fare €7 one-way.


Ferry ‘Tuninha’ from Porto Novo (Santo Antão island) to Mindelo (São Vicente island) 09:00 and 18:30

Fare €7 one-way.




Early morning ferry from Praia (Santiago island).


The ‘Barlovento’ departs on Mondays and Fridays just before midnight from Praia and returns two days later at 14:00.

The more modern ‘Sal Rei’ leaves Praia at midnight on Mondays, returning at 06:00 on Tuesdays.



It can be reached by ferry from Fogo island on a two hour trip twice a week.

The ‘Sal Rei’ , ‘Barlovento’ and the ’Musteru’ all operate this route.


The ferry Fogo-Brava goes on Thurs and Saturdays 06:00, return at 10:00.



Maio can be reached only from Praia (Santiago island) with a cargo ship twice a week .


The ‘Barlovento’ visits on Mondays and Saturdays at 05:00, returning at 18:00.


“On the ‘Barlovento’ you must book a cabin if you want to sit down as the deck is strewn with sleeping passsengers and their baggage. Beer and ham sandwiches are served.”

We suggest to take the 10 min. plane from Praia (Santiago island), if you want to travel with any comfort…



Please arrive 25 minutes before departure to buy your ticket or get your ferry ticket the day before.  

Be there at least 15 min. before departure!