‘Stressless’ Excursions in Santo Antão with guide Pascal



Boring, unpersonalized tours in big groups and overfilled buses: no thanks!  Pascal lives several years on the island and knows the little hidden corners, understands what Santo Antão is all about and lives his own “stressless” life.

Pascal organises private excursions for max. 4 persons.  He speaks Dutch, English, German and Creole of course.  As you arrive in Porto Novo – the port of Santo Antão - at about 09:00 in the morning, Pascal will pick you up there.  No bai! (let’s go!)

A traditional lunch and grogue!!! tasting is always part of the trip!



1 day programmes:

2 pers. €60 p.p.


Tour 1:

Departure at Porto Novo at 9:00


The Cova crater


Ribeira Grande


Ponta do Sol




Ribeira de Pául

Back at Porto Novo at 17:00 or 18:00

(depending on your boat: Armas 17:00 or Tuninha 18:30)



Tour 2:

Departure at Porto Novo at 09:00




Ribeira da Cruz


Back at Porto Novo at 17:00 or 18:00




Two days programmes:

2 pers. €95 p.p.


Day 1:

The combination of tour 1 and 2.


Day 2:

Porto Novo


Riberia Grande



Porto Novo 17:00/18:00



More information and reservations: tel. (+238)9110016 or info@cabocontact.com