Sightseeing in Cabo Verde

Many touroperators sell all-in-one excursions with transport in big buses, a very tight time schedule… some tourists might like those organised trips, but we don’t… let us explain why:


You should also find the non-touristic spots, because those are the most memorable ones!  Having a little grogue in grandma’s house, playing with some street kids, enjoy a concert in one of the local bars, play cards or uril (a local game) with some old guys at the Praça…


Take your time to enjoy the atmosphere , the friendly faces and the nature of Cabo Verde.

We offer ‘authentic’ tours in São Vicente, Santo Antão and Fogo.





Bela Vista excursions in São Vicente and Santo Antão 

‘Stressless’ tours in Santo Antão 

Taxi Tour in Santo Antão 

Safari Tours in São Vicente and Santo Antão


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