Boa Vista, the beach paradise



























Endless beaches…warm waters…land of Morna…


Boa Vista is called the island of the dunes or the island of Morna.  The island is surrounded by small islets that enchant us with their beautiful landscapes.


Boa Vista is the ideal place for a family holiday, especially with children, who will enjoy the island’s warm waters.  The hotels were designed aiming at the accommodation of couples with children.

Sal Rei is where you have to be for hotels, restaurants and beach fun.


Geography and climate 

The island has about 55km of clear sand and turquoise waters and it’s the closest island to the African continent.  The search of this island is motivated by the great moments of leisure in the warm and fascinating sea, and of course by the climate which is warm all year round.

The ‘Deserto de Viana’, the fishing village of ‘Spinguera’ and the beaches of Santa Monica and Ervatao must not be missed. 


How to get to Boa Vista?

There is an international airport.

Please read the chapter ‘Flights’.

Check the lowest rates of direct flights from Belgium and Germany:


Where to stay?

It’s absolutely vital to book accommodation before traveling to Boa Vista.  Please find some recommended places below:


Iberostar Clubhotel – all inclusive luxury from €80/night:










Beach hotel Estoril – Sal Rei










Let us know what you are looking for (all in-hotel, guesthouse, apartment) and we will inform you:




There are currently very few major roads on Boa Vista. There is a new tarmac road from the airport at Rabil to Sal Rei and there are roads from Rabil across the north of the island to the villages of Norte and Bofareira, and south from Rabil to Povoacao Velha.




Public Transport

At present Aluguers run frequently between Sal Rei and Rabil at a fee of about 200CVE, however there is no fixed timetable. Aluguers also go to the airport in anticipation of flight arrivals/departures. To other destinations they leave Sal Rei in the afternoon, only returning the following morning (commuter run).



These are chartered Aluguers, costing about 10 times the public fare. You can get a taxi within Sal Rei for about 300CVE a trip. Rabil is 600CVE, Santa Monica 6000CVE. Morre Negro 7000CVE.

A day trip around the island will cost about 10000CVE and will require a 4WD vehicle. To gain the greatest benefit from a tour of the island it is essential to have an English speaking driver (we can arrange this for you:


Car Hire

Due to the lack of roads on Boa Vista it is essential to hire a 4WD vehicle to get around the island, it is also important to know how to drive across sand dunes if you plan to visit the islands many beaches. Please remember that if you get stuck there is very little mobile phone coverage and no rescue service, always carry plenty of water in case of any emergency.


Quad- bike Hire

Quad bikes provide some of the best opportunities to view the more inaccessible areas on the island including the best beaches. Organised tours can be arranged through us.

Some basics to be aware of is that it is not permitted to ride a quad bike within 80 metres of the shoreline. Also be careful if you are asked to sign any contracts that absolve the hire company of any liability in case of personal injury. Remember that if you are venturing out alone on a quad bike that there is limited mobile coverage and if you have an accident in a remote location there will be no means of summoning help. It is recommended that you use the organised guided tours where you will be with an experienced driver who knows the area and who can guide you to the best locations and who will also know the places to get food and water.


Bicycle Hire

Scooter Hire



The warm trade winds provide an environment for the practice of sports in and out of the ocean.


The sea waves and the vast beaches of the archipelago Cape Verde allow for the practise of bodyboard and windsurfing. Line-fishing and deep-sea fishing are also excellent alternatives, and Cape Verde offers very good products for the lovers of this sport. The sea offers abundant maritime fauna and clear and pure waters. Diving is also very much appreciated due to the cleanness and the mild temperature in the sea.


Boa Vista offers a great alternative for the practise of nautical sports. Scuba diving is a very popular activity for tourists because of the crystal clear waters and the rich maritime fauna, and the great number of ships that sank in the past centuries, along shore. Line-fishing and deep-sea fishing, kite, surf and windsurfing are also among the favourite sports.

Some Clubs provide scuba diving and windsurfing instruction for beginners, with private instructors and equipment.

Beach volleyball is played in some beaches. Long ecological walks and cycling are also recommended, but the visitor should be prepared to face long distances, and therefore it is recommended that water and snacks, as well as sunscreen lotion be always brought with the person.

Horseback riding is usually included in the local religious feasts. 


Trekking has gained new adepts lately and, in fact, treks have been identified for this type of activity. The impressive mountains and deep valleys invite people to long walks.











Sports clubs in Boa Vista: let us know what you are looking for!



Fish and shellfish (lobster) are a mainstay of the traditional cuisine of Boa Vista.  Dried mackerel in the oven is the welcome dish for the visitors, and the tasty goat cheese is also very famous.  It’s not always easy to eat in Sal Rei an Rabil.  Beside the restaurants in the hotels, some suggestions of restaurants and bars are listed below:


Restaurant Café del Mar – at Estoril beach in Sal Rei









Boa Vista nightlife tends to revolve around hotel entertainment.  You can listen to live music in a few restaurants and bars in the island’s capital, Sal Rei.


Hospitals and health centers

Hospital: tel. (+238) 251 11 67


Places to visit


The islet of Sal Rei

Opposite of the village of Sal Rei, the remains of the ancient Duque de Bragança Fort can be seen.  You may go by boat of swimming.  The sea is not over 1,5m in depth.



Roque Church

The church is located in the village of Rabil, ancient capital, and it’s the oldest church of the island, built in the year 1801.



Ceramic factory

It’s located in the village of Rabil.  African technology is still used in making the handicraft products.  There is a handicraft center for the youth.



Santo António chappel

It’s located in Povoação Velha, where the first settlement of the island took place.



Morro Negro lighthouse and Ponta do Sol Lighthouse

They’re located in Rotchona and offer to the visitors a breathtaking panorama of the Atlantic Ocean.








Due to its geological and climatic characteristics, the island of Boa Vista – similar to the island of Sal – after its discovery on May 14 of 1460, had been left to oblivion for 150 years.  And it was only used for herbage for cattle.

Colombo, the Portugese navigator, shored the island in 1498 and made a terrific description of the difficulties that he found there.  In the meantime, the island was marked by successive wreckages, resulting from the conjugation of peculiar circumstance, such as stormy winds associated to strong ocean currents.

Around the year of 1620, some English navigators, noticing the good quality of salt found on the island, decided to establish Povação Velha in order to economically exploit this natural resource.

Nevertheless, the frequent attacks of the pirates did not allow the regular economic development of the island, until 1820, a date during which a devastating pillaging by the pirates took place, forcing the local population to move to Porto Inglês, recently called Sal Rei.  A fortress was built on the islet that faces it.



The industry of tourism is developing, but the tourist and road infrastructures available aren’t still sufficient to allow the island to exploit its immense natural richness.  Boa Vista has one of the lowest population densities in the country, with only 5000 inhabitants.